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Unlock the Art of Outdoor Cooking with the BraaiCraft Bunker

Bunker Smoker by BraaiCraft - Reverse Flow Offset

Unlock the Art of Outdoor Cooking with the BraaiCraft Bunker

If you’re passionate about the smoky, succulent flavors of slow-cooked meats, the Bunker by BraaiCraft is your gateway to barbecue mastery. This isn’t just a smoker; it’s a formidable testament to craftsmanship and a ticket to culinary adventure.

The Heart of the Bunker: Quality and Versatility

Built with rugged 14-gauge mild steel and honed through years of design expertise, the Bunker is meticulously handmade. Its core strength shines in its versatility:

  • Reverse Flow Magic: Infuse your meats with rich, smoky flavor using the reverse flow mode and its removable baffle plate.
  • Classic Offset Smoking: Go traditional with the normal flow mode for that time-honored offset smoker experience.
  • Grill Master Mode: Need a quick grilling session? Bunker transforms into a high-powered grill in a flash.

Space, Smoke, and Fuel: Your Keys to BBQ Success

  • Feast Fit for a Crowd: The 630 sq. in cooking chamber and 225 sq. in. fire chamber provide ample space for whole chickens, briskets, rib racks, and more, enough for 35 people in one go.
  • Perfect Smoke, Every Time: The 28-inch smokestack with dual outlets grants you complete control over the flow of smoke.
  • Your Fuel, Your Flavor: Experiment freely with wood, charcoal, or briquettes to achieve your unique smoky signature.
Bunker - BraaiCraft

Details That Delight

The Bunker isn’t just powerful. It’s designed with convenience and quality in mind:

  • Easy Cleanup: The fire chamber features a charcoal basket and convenient door for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Temperature Precision: Two thermometers keep you in the know.
  • Touch of Elegance: Teakwood accents add functional style.
  • Built to Roam: Sturdy wheels let you find the perfect grilling spot.
  • Control the Flame: Precision air inlets let you manage your fire like a pro.
  • No Flavor Escapes: Nomex gaskets seal in smoke and heat.
  • Grease Be Gone: The drain and removable grease bucket make cleanup a breeze.
  • Built to Last: High-heat paint and an all-weather cover ensure the Bunker endures.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen. Own the Bunker

Ready to elevate your barbecuing game? The BraaiCraft Bunker isn’t just a smoker; it’s an investment in years of delicious outdoor cooking experiences.

Visit www.braaicraft.com, and turn your backyard into a barbecue haven with the Bunker.

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