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Vuurmuur – Innovative Wall-Mounted Grill


Vuurmuur Wall-Mounted Grill by BraaiCraft is your gateway to delicious, perfectly grilled meals in a space-saving, efficient package, ideal for city balconies and terraces.

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Vuurmuur: Innovative Wall-Mounted Grill by BraaiCraft

Experience unparalleled convenience and robust functionality with the Vuurmuur, an innovative wall-mounted grill crafted by BraaiCraft. Designed from sturdy mild steel sheets, Vuurmuur Grill offers durability and reliability, all within a compact, space-efficient form.

Exceptional Material Quality Constructed with high-grade 14 gauge mild steel, the Vuurmuur Grill ensures lasting performance and resilience. This premium material choice guarantees a durable cooking companion for your culinary adventures.

Spacious Cooking Area Boasting a generous 550 square inches of primary cooking space, the Vuurmuur Grill accommodates multiple food items simultaneously—perfect for grilling chickens, fish, briskets, and more. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or a family dinner, this grill handles it all with ease.

Foldable, Space-Saving Design The Vuurmuur features a foldable design that retracts to a mere 3 inches in thickness when not in use. This design includes an easy-to-mount backplate using 8mm anchor bolts, ensuring that it remains an unobtrusive addition to any outdoor space. The base unfolds to a substantial 23.5×25 inch plate, ready to support any fuel type from wood to briquets.

Versatile Fuel Options and Adjustable Settings Embrace the flexibility of using various fuels like wood, charcoal, or briquets. Adjust the grill height easily to control the intensity of the heat, tailored to whether you are smoking meats slowly or searing them over an open flame.

Durable Cooking Grate The robust grate, featuring 4mm rods spaced 10mm apart, ensures optimal heat distribution, perfect smoke, and distinctive sear marks, enhancing the flavours of your grilled dishes.

Comprehensive Grilling Set Each Vuurmuur grill comes equipped with essential tools—a poker, shovel, and tongs—ensuring you have everything you need to manage your grilling experience efficiently.

Safe and Secure Installation The Vuurmuur Grill is designed with a 4-point safe mounting system that maintains a safe 1-inch gap from the wall, preserving your wall from heat damage and ensuring a safe cooking environment.

Elevate your grilling game with the Vuurmuur by BraaiCraft, where innovative design meets traditional grilling in a modern, wall-mounted solution. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts who value quality, space efficiency, and versatility.

Additional information

Weight25 kg
Dimensions3 × 25 × 25 in
Size (folded)

25x25x3 inches (3 inches from the wall)

Size (unfolded)

25×23 inches

Grill Size

563 sq. inch


High heat paint on base and wall plates
Peanut oil on grate


Matt black


Enablers – Poker, Shovel & Tongs

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